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Brewed 12 Katsuo – meedamFM
  • Brewed 12

    The premium liquid type seasoning made by Meedam!

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Brewed 12 Katsuo

A savory and simple flavor that gives you a taste of the native flavor of the Gaddarang language.

The product uses strictly selected Katsuobushi, and it is suitable for use where the flavor and scent of Katsuo are required

Katsuobushi contains high quantity of Amino acid which based on Glutamic acid, making it an excellent seasoning, and the applicability to the fish-related dish, soup, soy sauce, and other sauces is excellent.

If you use this product to noodle dishes such as Udon, Soba, Janchi noodle, fish cake soup, and soy sauce, you can feel the inherent and rich flavor of Katsuobushi.

One scoop per one serving of Udon and Soba

Two scoops per one serving of Janchi noodle and other noodle dishes

One scoop per one serving of soup dishes such as fish cake soup

How to enjoy Brewed12 Katsuo more

fish cake soup